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Life and creative partners, Stormy Sweitzer and Will Swanepoel, have spent the last eighteen years traveling the world, starting businesses, and exploring possibilities together. Now, they have written the first of a series of books focusing on the topics they care about: social change, compassion for the world around us, and a good dose of adventure.

They created Me’tik Ventures and the Sierra Rouge adventure novel series to inspire young people–through educational media that also entertains–to make a positive difference in their own lives, as well as to have a positive impact on the lives of others and places and creatures they care about.

They make their home in Salt Lake City, UT and wherever their travels take them.

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Biography & Fun Facts


Biography & Fun Facts


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The Drowning Shark



TITLE: The Drowning Shark: A Sierra Rouge Adventure
AUTHOR: Stormy Sweitzer & Will Swanepoel
PUBLISHER: Me’tik Publishing
DATE OF PUBLICATION: January 10, 2016
RETAIL PRICE: $10.99 US (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 0996928308
ISBN-13: 978-0996928304
PAGES: 238


When her mother dies unexpectedly, fifteen-year old Sierra Rouge travels to South Africa to live with her celebrity chef father, a man she barely knows.

During a boat tour, she learns from local activists that dead sharks are washing up on the shore without their fins. Sierra decides to take matters into her own hands to find the people responsible.

In her efforts to bring down the shark finning operation, the past sneaks up on her and she discovers that there may be more to her mother’s death—and life—than she realized.

A fast-paced adventure novel rooted in a real-life environmental challenge, The Drowning Shark is the story of one girl’s quest to discover answers, find a new sense of normal, and do good in the world.

“A well-paced Jane Bondesque environmental spy thriller”

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Stormy Sweitzer and Will Swanepoel are available for speaking engagements, interviews, podcasts and appearances. They are also happy to speak to school groups via telephone or Skype or guest post on your website. You’ll find a list of possible topics below.

To request a review copy, interview Will and Stormy,  or book them for an event, email or call (801) 448-6718.

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Interview Resources


In addition to the following questions, visit  The Drowning Shark Reader’s Guide for an author Q&A.

  • Where did the idea for your adventure series come from?
  • Your heroine, Sierra Rouge, is of Mayan and French descent, grew up in the States, and has traveled the world. Why did you decide that she should be such a global character? Is she what they call a third-culture kid?
  • Tell us about your latest novel in the series: The Drowning Shark?
  • Why sharks?
  • What can people do to stop shark finning?
  • How much of your book is autobiographical?
  • Can we expect similar global and environmental themes from the other books in the series?
  • Do you consider your book a form of activism? And how does your book create awareness of a problem and inspire readers to take action to solve it?
  • How does travel influence your writing and topics?
  • Food is mentioned often in your book – both in the background and as the cause of the problem you write about. Why is food so important to your work?
  • You did a focus group early on. What was it like to get feedback on your book from a bunch of precocious thirteen-year olds?
  • Your website says that your mission is to drive curiosity. What does this mean with regard to your books?
  • Most people think that being romantic partners has enough challenges to last a lifetime. Why did you decide you also wanted to be collaborative partners and how do you make it work? What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in working together as a couple?
  • How do you work together to complete a project? Do you each have roles or talents that you specialize in or do you each contribute to everything?
  • Now that you’ve completed your first book together, what did you learn that will make writing the next book easier?


Creative Collaboration – Working with a partner to produce a creative work, like a book, can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when you are close friends with or are married to that person. What is creative collaboration and how does it work? How do you balance work and relationship?  How can systems and silliness help keep the ball rolling? In this interview you’ll learn our lessons learned and best practices for communication, conflict resolution, scheduled face-time, project management, and why everything is personal (even when you try to be professional).

Living the Research – When starting a new book project, Stormy and Will engage in a variety of research, from talking to experts and reading articles to digging into government documents and pulling interesting items from the news. The type of research they most enjoy, though, is experiential. In this interview, we discuss how we learn about our book subjects in a hands-on way through travel, conversation, adventure activities, observation, and other explorations that bring us in touch with the people, places, creatures, and issues we write about.

Writing With a Purpose – Each person has a voice. Whether and how they choose to use it is another matter. This interview is designed for youth, community groups, and creatives who want to make a difference with words. We will discuss how we personally use words to inspire and create awareness of the issues we champion, how art and activism are connected, and we will also teach listeners how to tell a story that inspires connection and change.

Writing & Working on the Road – The saying goes: write what you know. What we know is travel. But we also know how to create a portable 9-to-5 that lets us hit the road and find inspiration for our work wherever we go. In this interview you will learn about “the portable 9-to-5”, how it is different from vacationing and location independence, the most challenging parts of taking time to work elsewhere throughout the year (and what to do about them), the benefits of working/writing away from home for short blocks of time each year, and, most importantly, how to observe like a writer in your travels and everyday explorations.