About Us


Stormy Sweitzer

Stormy is the voice of Sierra Rouge and resident word-smith. She is of Mayan ancestry.

Will Swanepoel

Will creates the series' storylines and loves developing action scenes. He hails from South Africa.

In the world of Sierra Rouge, Me’tik Ventures is a fictitious organization founded by characters Jesse Aguilar and Ann Fischer.

Me’tik Ventures, however, is also the real-life creative partnership and publishing company behind the Sierra Rouge adventure stories written to inspire young changemakers and adventurers.

Creative partners, Stormy Sweitzer and Will Swanepoel, created Me’tik Ventures as a way to educate young people about complex global issues in a highly-entertaining way, while, at the same time, encouraging and equipping them to take real-world action.

They are no Jesse or Ann, but Stormy and Will are just as dedicated to making the world a better place. They just go about it in a different way.


Our mission statement can be summed up in one word: CURIOSITY.

Adventure | Experiencing What the World Has to Offer:
When we become curious about the world, we dare to experience it.

Empathy | Caring for the World Outside of Us:
When we experience the world, we can’t help but be curious about the people, places and creatures that are a part of it.

Activism | Changing the World:
When we care about the people, places and creatures in our world, we becomes curious about what it takes to protect and make the world a better place, through our actions, our relationships, and the way we choose to live our lives.


We chose the word Me’tik with care. It is a word from the language of the Mayan Indians in Mexico.

In Yucatecan Mayan, the word me’tik means: achieve, act, do, make, perform. These are all words required to make change, and words often associated with masculine energy.

In Tzeltzal, a different Mayan group originating in the State of Chiapas, me’tik means moon and mother (and Mother Moon), and is often used as a term of respect for mothers and elderly women. The Tzeltzal’s definition has a distinctly feminine quality to it and reminds us that change often starts within, with our emotions, reflections, and our nurturing instincts.

In all things, balance.

As well, in the Tzeltzal mythology, tatik-metik (sometimes referred to as totik-me’tik or me’tik-tatik), or father-mothers, are sacred ancestors as ancient as the Sun and Moon. Revered as saints, they remain on earth to protect humanity and to reward those who take care of the environment, mother earth, and the cultivation of the lands—and punish those who don’t.

Many of the characters in the Sierra Rouge Adventures, when they seek to make change in the world, try to take these saints’ responsibilities into their own hands, and, inevitably, learn about themselves in the process.

We hope to use literature and other digital media to show alternative ways of caring for mother earth and her inhabitants, and to empower young people to take positive action that supports our planet, as well as her peoples and creatures.

Chuen: The Mayan Monkey God

And, in case you are wondering why we’ve chosen a monkey as our mascot, here’s the scoop.

Chuen, the monkey, symbolizes the master artisan and master craftsman of all fine arts and innate knowledge in the Mayan worldview. He is also seen as mischievous, playful, and lucky.

Chuen is a highly imaginative creature that gains wisdom through his curiosity, experiences intense creative energy, and understands the deep connection we humans share with each other, as well as the sacredness of story and art.

We are lucky to have him as our guide.